Meet The Team Behind the Chart-Topping "DOPE AS USUAL" Podcast

Meet The Team Behind the Chart-Topping "DOPE AS USUAL" Podcast

With over 40 Million Views and One Billion Minutes of Watch-Time in the first two seasons, “DOPE AS USUAL” is quickly becoming one of the most entertaining new podcasts online. Official Features include: TED TALK, XXL, FORBES, COMPLEX, THE SHADE ROOM, REVOLT TV, POWER 106, SPOTIFY, HOT 97, and more!


Over the past several years, Dope As Yola has grown a huge following of die-hard fans, earning his title as one of the top creators online. Amassing nearly 60 Million views and 600,000,000 impressions on YouTube alone in 2020, not to mention his massive presence on nearly every social platform. With his new podcast, “DOPE AS USUAL”, Yola is furthering his brand as a host, interviewer, entertainer, trend setter, and crossover media personality.

Dope as Yola

Co-host and Producer, Marty O’Neill has been a pillar behind the scenes of some of the biggest podcasts in the world since 2013. Marty is also a commercial videographer, published photographer, and author of the Amazon Best Seller “Full-Time Podcaster: The Undisputed Guide to Starting a Successful Podcast”.  Credits include multiple Super Bowl Commercials, T-Mobile, Google, Apple, Netflix, Microsoft, as well as many celebrity entertainers and athletes. 


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hey guys, Lalo here from Wyoming Powell Wyoming to be exact 45 min from Yellowstone national park!! just wanted to let you know you two are amazing your podcast is something for books especially while prepping food at our 30 year old family restaurant!!!

Alvaro Acevedo

Wanted to know if you guys were looking for help in anything I could do social media marketing or anything even if you need a weed roller and I got bars fam fr lol,, I’m 19 and from Stockton Ca and am a big fan feel like me,, all good if there are no opportunities right now just thought I would try too shoot my shot.

Jr Romingquet

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