A Legendary Spree of Guests and Soaring Success!

A Legendary Spree of Guests and Soaring Success!

We're back with thrilling news about the incredible journey our podcast has embarked on over the past few months. Since August, we've been on an epic spree of guest episodes that has taken our show to soaring heights. Hosted by the dynamic duo, Dope as Yola and Marty O'Neill, our podcast has been a wild ride, and we want to share this exciting journey with you.

The Guest Lineup of Legends

Our podcast has been graced by an array of remarkable guests, some of whom were on our dream list from day one. The eclectic mix of guests showcases our ability to have fun and engaging conversations with people from all walks of life, spanning music, comedy, sports, 420 culture, and online personalities.

Here's a glimpse of the incredible lineup we've had the pleasure of hosting:

  1. Will Sasso: Kicking off our guest spree with a hilarious bang, Will Sasso brought a wave of laughter to our show.

  2. Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias: The comedy legend himself joined us for a side-splitting episode, proving that laughter knows no bounds.

  3. Cheech Marin: A true icon in the world of 420, comedy and entertainment, Cheech Marin graced our show with his legendary presence.

  4. John aka Hash House: Witnessing John's world debut interview was legendary, and his unique perspective added a new layer to our podcast.

  5. Benny the Butcher: The world of music met the world of podcasting as Benny the Butcher shared intense stories on his rise to success.

  6. CEO of OpTic Gaming Hecz: Our journey even extended to the world of esports, as the CEO of OpTic Gaming, Hecz, shared his passion and vision.

  7. Bootleg Kev: The intersection of music and podcasting continued as Bootleg Kev joined us for an unforgettably wild conversation.

  8. Ralph Barbosa: The highly anticipated comedian, Ralph Barbosa, is set to premiere this Monday at 12:30 PST on YouTube, marking the culmination of this incredible guest spree.

Our guests have consistently exceeded our expectations, and their diverse backgrounds have made our podcast a hub for captivating conversations.

Surging Social Media Presence

The success of our podcast has not been limited to the airwaves alone. We are thrilled to announce the astounding growth of DOPE AS USUAL across all our social media platforms. Check out the impressive statistics for the past 28 days:

  • Spotify: 3.5 Million impressions
  • Instagram: 2.1 Million impressions
  • Facebook: 1.2 Million impressions
  • Twitter: 350,000+ impressions
  • YouTube: 17.8 Million impressions
  • YouTube Clips Channel: 1.8 Million impressions
  • TikTok: 480K views
  • Apple Podcasts: 105K listens

These numbers are a testament to the incredible support we've received from our dedicated fans. The DOPE AS USUAL community is thriving, and we're grateful for your unwavering enthusiasm and engagement.

The journey of DOPE AS USUAL continues to be a remarkable one, and it's all thanks to the incredible guests, our devoted listeners, and our expanding online presence. We're excited to see what the future holds and look forward to bringing you more legendary guests and unforgettable conversations.

Stay tuned for the latest episode with Ralph Barbosa premiering this Monday at 12:30 PST on YouTube, and let's keep the good vibes rolling. Thank you for being a part of our DOPE AS USUAL family, and as always, stay tuned for more exciting content and surprises coming your way!

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